The Immigrant’s Bay is a Digital News Publication by Noncitizens, for noncitizens. It focuses on reporting immigration news in Maryland and D.C.

Our Mission

The future of noncitizens in the U.S. heavily rely on the party in power, fluctuating visa policies, immigration bans, damning legislature and hundreds of other political whims. The Immigrant’s Bay is dedicated to reporting immigration news in Maryland and D.C., so noncitizens are in the know of what does and does not affect them, and how.

Our History

Jumpstarted by graduating international broadcast journalism student Athiyah Azeem. When President Trump announced through a late night tweet he would curb immigration during the coronavirus, she had something close to a nervous breakdown. Tired of not knowing if she is affected or how will she be affected by fluctuating visa policies, she started The Immigrant’s Bay.